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Since 1948, a byword for quality, reliability and innovation.


Founded in 1948 and based in Milan, C.E.M. is a company specialized in enological technolgies and solutions. Our area of expertise includes constructions of efficient and durable bbottling , saturating machines, afrometers and treatements systems for beer and wine.
Innovation, reliability and high quality are CEM distinguishing signs and represent missions to us since the company's foundation. Those values inspire us; we build upon them a solid base of trustiness and accountability obtaining customers satisfaction. Our production model is closer to "limited and controlled production" despite the adoption of a mass production model.
We design and produce products tailored around the customers, we design to fits perfectly the customer needs.


CEM supplies a performing product with high quality standards to suits the needs of small to medium-sized companies seeking quality and excellence, regardless of the product they bottle.

The know-how and technological innovation, gained in 73 years of experience in the enological and beer field, have allowed C.E.M. to make machines of high precision, ready to be installed in the production department and easy in the management of controls, featured by reliability and consistent results over time. Thanks to a close collaboration and consolidated partnership of trust with customers, CEM creates a product capable of meeting the needs of the market, ensuring the highest level of performance and the lowest operating cost.

C.E.M. Costruzioni Enologiche Milano
C.E.M. Costruzioni Enologiche Milano
sice 1948

Byword of inovation, reliability and quality

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